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BEARDED COLLIE                                                                      " f o r   a   t y p i c a l   t y p e "



Välkommen till oss på Typografen's!

Welcome toTypografen's !


 Mimmi Halvarsson

Färjenäs 30, 781 90 Borlänge, Sweden


Telefon/phone +46(0)243-23 15 85



A bearded collie
from Typografen's can be all kinds of things, e.g:

...a good friend...

...a good agility dog...

...a good herding dog...

...a good looking dog......

...or what ever you want!

You don't have to choose
one of them.


BEARDED COLLIE                                                                     " f o r   a   t y p i c a l   t y p e"